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We are based in Morgantown, West Virginia, and assist clients throughout the United States and internationally. Our most requested services are listed below.

Digital Marketing
Website Design
Managed Wordpress Hosting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Lead Generation
Geo-Targeted Marketing / Google Services
Branding / Logo Design
Graphic Design / Print Advertising
Digital Marketing
Strategic Planning
Market Research
Marketing Strategy
B2B / B2C / B2O
Event Planning
CRM / Lead Management Automation

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View our portfolio and branding samples for more examples of how we have helped others.



Have you ever imagined the possibilities that might exist if you could harness the inspiration for your business and leverage it to build trust and loyal customers?

That is the power of branding!

Strategically positioning your brand in front of your demographic in a manner that makes them pause, consider, then buy…..THAT IS MARKETING!

Triquetra is passionate about branding and we know what it takes to create and sustain brands that appeal to your demographic. Most of our clients fall into one of the following categories:

  1. You don’t have a brand, logo or any consistent elements, but you understand the importance of a strong, consistent brand and want one, but may not know exactly how to create the perfect brand for your business.
  2. You have a logo, which may or may not be working for you, but you’re not quite certain how to use it to create a cohesive brand that resonates with your customers.
  3. You have a logo and various other marketing pieces, but they either aren’t consistent or you aren’t getting the results you hoped for.

WHY TRIQUETRA? The triquetra has different meanings, but for us it is all about TIME. In order to help you create a road map to where you want your business to go (FUTURE), we must first understand where you are right now (PRESENT) and how you got here (PAST). When we understand the past, present, and future,  we have a clear vision of the continuous element that cohesively connects all elements of your company…THIS IS YOUR BRAND!

Secret Sauce.


Your brand is more than your logo. It is the collection of graphic elements, designs, colors, fonts, and language used to promote your company. Your brand gives people an opportunity to recognize your company and identify your brand with a set of products and/or services that you provide. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition and makes people think of YOU when they need what YOU have to offer. In a world that is cluttered with information overload and products and services at their fingertips, people want to feel a connection to a brand that makes them feel like the brand was created specifically for them. In order to ensure that your brand is successful, it must appeal to your demographic and it must be in front of your demographic on a consistent basis. Deviating in the appearance of your brand is called BRAND DE-SATURATION and when you have inconsistent elements (logos, colors, designs, messaging, etc) it can take you much longer and a lot more money to achieve brand recognition and brand loyalty. 

Let Triquetra help you create a path to brand recognition and brand loyalty! 


If you are in any type of business, you need a brand. Companies, organizations, non-profits, and government agencies need a strong brand, and so do bloggers, musicians, artists, consultants and any other business or individual who wants to monetize their skill, product, or service.

Why Triquetra.


Triquetra  is a full service branding, marketing and promotions agency with the ability to plan, initiate, and monitor all of your marketing, advertising, and promotional needs. We specialize in marketing technology (MarTech) and marketing communication (MarComm), including: website design, social media marketing, adwords, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, brochures and other printed materials including banners and signs, graphic design, media buying, product integrations, SaaS recommendations and implementation, and so much more.  We believe when you take a “whole media” approach to marketing that your business or organization will grow exponentially faster than individual campaigns with disassociated branding and messaging.

It takes a collective mix of media to be successful in today’s marketplace. One of the many great aspects of working with Triquetra is our ability to create and/or refine your brand’s image and mass produce it across print, advertising, merchandise, point of purchase, internal and external communications, trade shows and events, online, etc. to give your brand a substantial edge over your competition.

Triquetra also offers consulting services as well as various training courses and coaching.

Our Work.


Below are some of our favorite projects. View our portfolio and branding samples for more examples of how we have helped others.



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Strategy Consulting by: Stacy Nelson

Business Coaching by: Mark Burdette