Back to Basics: Marketing and Advertising for Inground Swimming Pool Contractors in a Post-Covid Economy

Back to Basics. MARKETING AND ADVERTISING FOR INGROUND SWIMMING POOL CONTRACTORS IN A POST-COVID ECONONY. For the past few years, no one in the pool industry has needed to do much, if any, advertising. The pandemic forced us into our homes, where we resiliently crafted spaces to create memorable experiences despite the circumstances. With many people spending more time at home, backyard renovations became popular, leading to an unprecedented surge in swimming pool demand. Now that many of us are returning to travel, making up for missed vacations, and reconnecting with loved ones, the pool industry faces a situation it has not encountered in years - the need to find new pool construction customers. Before considering the array of advertising opportunities available today and investing time and money into the plethora of ad channels, it can be crucial to take a valuable initial step - evaluating your current position. Doing so can save you from costly missteps and ensure that your efforts lead to the right type of leads that produce profitable sales. Understanding your starting point can be the key to crafting an effective and targeted advertising strategy that maximizes your return on investment.   EVALUATE YOUR BRAND IDENTITY AND POSITION IN THE MARKET Now is a great time to reassess your brand identity and position in the market. Your brand is more than your logo and includes fonts, colors, [...]